We believe we can apply the same cinematic strengths we’ve learned in the narrative format and apply them to professional videography, sound, and editing ventures by offering customers a superb product at an affordable price.

We are a two man crew for the price of one. We have excellent equipment, from cameras, sound, lighting, to editing software. With us being a two man crew, we can employ our multiple camera setup which provides you with much more interesting video as opposed to the regular boring, dull one camera shoot. We have state of the art sound equipment to ensure that every word is recorded with the utmost clarity and definition. Our lighting kit is rugged enough for outside events as well as sensitive enough for interior shoots. We have the expertise and powerful software to meet our customers’ needs in post production as well.

For our hard work ethic, attention to detail, and affordable prices we can not be beat. You are getting a two man crew for the price of one, and high quality work for a low and reasonable price.

Services Offered
Commercial/Business Videos
Event Videos
Music Videos
Wedding Videography
Documentary Video
Cameraman or Boom Operator for both short and feature films.

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We are also listed on the Thumbtack website. Check us out: Videography & Editing